CPA Mexico offers a broad range of branded plastic resins including polyethylene (PE) and PE copolymers, metallocene, specialty Polyolefins such as plastomers, elastomers and Tie-layers, polypropylene (PP), adhesive tackifiers, ABS, ASA, Acetal (POM), Polycarbonate (PC), nylon 6 (PA6), nlyon 66 (PA66), Polyester (PET), PVC and PVC compound, SAN, Thermoplastics (TPE, TPO, TPU). We offer superior technical support with tailored solutions to meet end use requirements. We have 11 warehouses throughout Mexican territory and offer an extraordinary response time to plastic converters. CPA de Mexico is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ensures the resin handling and distribution is oriented to the satisfaction of our customers.

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